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Privacy Notice

This Privacy Policy describes how we treat personal information when you use GOSUPPORT's products and services, including information provided when you use GOSUPPORT system. In addition, the following describes our privacy practices that are specific to GOSUPPORT system. GOSUPPORT reserves the right to change the privacy policy from time to time and you will always have the option to use or not to use the system as a result of the change.

Information GOSUPPORT receives when you use GOSUPPORT system

You do not need to provide any personally identifying information in order to download and use GOSUPPORT system. When you download GOSUPPORT system or use it to contact GOSUPPORT’s servers, GOSUPPORT receives only standard log information including your machine’s IP address and one or more cookies.

In addition, some GOSUPPORT system features send limited additional information to GOSUPPORT:

  • Your copy of GOSUPPORT system includes one or more unique application numbers. These numbers and information about your installation of the browser (e.g., version number, language) will be sent to GOSUPPORT when you first install and use it and when GOSUPPORT system automatically checks for updates. If you choose to send usage statistics and crash reports to GOSUPPORT, the browser will send us this information along with a unique application number as well. Crash reports can contain information from files, applications and services that were running at the time of a malfunction. We use crash reports to diagnose and try to fix any problems with the browser.

Information website operators receive when you visit a site using GOSUPPORT system

Sites that you visit using GOSUPPORT system will automatically receive standard log information similar to that received by GOSUPPORT. These sites may also set their own cookies on your machine. You can restrict cookies by setting your preferences in the GOSUPPORT system Options menu. If you use GOSUPPORT system in incognito mode, it will not transmit any pre-existing cookies to sites that you visit. Sites may deposit new cookies on your machine while you are in incognito mode, however. These cookies will be temporarily stored and transmitted to sites while you remain in incognito mode. They will be deleted when you close the browser or return to normal browsing mode.

Information stored on your computer when you use GOSUPPORT system

GOSUPPORT system records useful information about your browsing history on your own computer. This includes:

  • Basic browsing history information: the URLs of pages that you visit, a cache file of text from those pages, and a list of some IP addresses linked from pages that you visit.
  • A searchable index of most pages you visit (except for secure pages with "https" web addresses, such as some bank pages)
  • Thumbnail-sized screenshots of most pages you visit
  • Cookies deposited on your machine by websites you visit
  • A record of downloads you have made from websites

You can also limit the information GOSUPPORT system saves on your computer by using incognito mode. In this mode, the browser will not store basic browsing history information such as URLs, cached page text, or IP addresses of pages linked from the websites you visit. It will also not store snapshots of pages that you visit or keep a record of your downloads. (This information could still be stored elsewhere on your computer, though.) New cookies received in incognito mode will not be saved after you close your browser or return to normal browsing mode. You can see when you are in incognito mode because the incognito icon appears in the top left corner of your browser; in some cases the border of your browser window may also change color.

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